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This is special

Oh, what I meant to day was- What? Uh Doc, uh no. No, don’t be silly. And Jack Benny is secretary of the Treasury. That’s Strickland. Jesus, didn’t that guy ever have hair?

Mother, with Marty’s parents out of town, don’t you think he oughta spend the night, after all, Dad almost killed him with the car. What did I just say? Because, you might regret it later in life. Alright, alright, okay McFly, get a grip on yourself. It’s all a dream. Just a very intense dream. Woh, hey, listen, you gotta help me. What about George?

There’s that word again, heavy. Why are things so heavy in the future. Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull? Nothing. Yeah, it’s in the back. Uh, Lorraine. How did you know I was here? Indeed I will, roll em. I, Doctor Emmett Brown, am about to embark on an historic journey. What have I been thinking of, I almost forgot to bring some extra plutonium. How did I ever expect to get back, one pallet one trip I must be out of my mind. What is it Einy? Oh my god, they found me, I don’t know how but they found me. Run for it, Marty.

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